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Energy Efficiency Certificate

Prygesa, committed to sustainability.

All the properties built by Prygesa comply with European sustainability standards.


Desde 81 m2
De 3 Dormitorios
Access Control
Padel Court
Children Playground
Swimming Pool
Storage room
Community room

Housing with Limited Price Public Protection (VPPL), in cooperative.

    Financing up to 90%.
  • 56 apartments with 3 bedrooms with storage room and 1 or 2 parking spaces, depending on housing.
  • Private urbanization with swimming pool, paddle tennis court, landscaping, children’s playground, community room and concierge.
  • Amounts insured.
  • Expected delivery: 2021-2022.


  • Plot M-30EF: José Escobar y Saliente Street, nº 92. SOIL IN PROPERTY.

Building and urbanization

Private residential with swimming pool, paddle tennis court, landscaping, children’s play area, community room and concierge.

The urban complex consists of parallel buildings with 6 floors above ground level and a basement where storage rooms and garage spaces are located.

Typologies and distribution

All homes have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with terraces and separate rooms.

The different types of homes are located on the ground floor with gardens, high rise houses (from 1st to 2nd floor) with terrace, duplex with terrace (on 3rd and 4th floor) and duplex penthouses (on 5th and 6th floor) with terrace.

All homes are exterior, very bright and oriented to two facades, thereby ensuring natural ventilation and light throughout the day.

As a common denominator, all homes have 2 bathrooms. One of them will be integrated into the space of the main room as a “suite” and the other will be independent and accessible from the distributor to be shared by the two secondary bedrooms.

All homes have assigned storage and 1 or 2 parking spaces, depending on housing.

The urbanization will be accessible for the disabled with two adapted homes; and it will have the fulfillment and overcoming of all the normative requirements at constructive level, in order to maintain an excellent level of quality.

Community areas such as swimming pool, paddle tennis court, gardens, playground and community room will be accessible only from within the urbanization, thus helping to maintain the privacy and security of families.

Proposed Forecast Payment Method

  • Pre-registration: FIVE-HUNDRED EUROS (€500.00). Where necessary, this amount will become Share Capital of the Cooperative once the pre-registered individual is accepted as a member by the Governing Board of the Cooperative and meets the requirements to become a member. The amount of the Pre-registration is not part of the estimated cost of the Promotion.
  • UNTIL THE DELIVERY OF KEYS: A total of 10% of the estimated cost of the house will be paid plus VAT *, by paying an ENTRY to the signing of the Contract of Adhesion to the Cooperative and a POSTED in monthly payments from 300 euros plus VAT * , through direct debits (see payment plan planned for each home)
  • FINANCE: Up to 90% of the estimated cost of the house

*All amounts (except the Pre-registration fee) will be subject to applicable VAT at the time of making each financial contribution. Currently applicable VAT: 10%.

The VAT corresponding to the forecast mortgage will be paid upon signature of the Deed of Allocation for the property.


Some available apartments. Contact us for more options.

Vivienda TipoSup. Útil
Altura/PortalCoste EstimadoAnejos
Plano Tipo
Tipo VT184 m2 computables
5 m2 terraza
1ºA (P1)
1ºA (P3)
3ºA (P3)
246.506 € + IVA
246.810 € + IVA
270.763 € + IVA
Tipo VT284 m2 computables
5 m2 terraza
1ºA (P2)
1ºA (P4)
246.506 € + IVA
246.810 € + IVA
Tipo VT382 m2 computables
5 m2 terraza
1ºB (P1-P2)
1ºB (P3-P4)
2ºB (P3)
2ºB (P4)
242.413€ + IVA
242.716 € + IVA
242.413 € + IVA
267.124 € + IVA
Tipo VT5
81 m2 computables
6 m2 terraza
2ºC (P3-P4)265.305 € + IVA1T+2Gdownload
Tipo VT14M
(adaptada discapacitados)
81 m2 computables
5 m2 terraza
1ºC (P1-P2)240.594 € + IVA1T+1Gdownload

(Tabla de viviendas disponibles actualizada 11-ENE-20. Consulte/confirme disponibilidad de viviendas en el teléfono LOS COSTES SON ESTIMADOS, NO SON PRECIOS CERRADOS. El Plan de Actuación Económico de la Cooperativa, el programa de viviendas, las superficies aproximadas, la previsión de costes estimados y la propuesta de forma de pago prevista deberán ser aprobados por la Asamblea de la Cooperativa por lo que tienen carácter orientativo e informativo, no contractual, y podrían sufrir variaciones por razones técnicas, jurídicas, administrativas o por decisión de la Cooperativa.

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