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BUILD to rent

The Build to Rent formula has solidified in recent years as an attractive option for both investors and tenants. Build to Rent properties offer affordable rentals in high-quality, professionally managed buildings, providing residents the advantage of living in modern, well-maintained homes without the long-term commitment of buying. This trend, initiated in the United Kingdom and quickly adopted across Europe and the United States, addresses the growing demand for rentals, especially among younger generations.

Additionally, Build to Rent is expanding into “senior living,” targeting the silver customer, those over 50 years old, who are seeking affordable residences with common areas adapted for their age and services such as preventive classes and medical care. This approach allows silver residents to enjoy a high quality of life in safe, well-equipped environments, free from the concerns of ownership and maintenance.


Turnkey projects for Build to Rent provide a comprehensive solution in property development, where the developer handles all phases of the project, from the initial design to the final delivery of the property ready for rent. This model allows investors to receive a fully equipped and operational property without needing to get involved in construction details or permit management. Opting for a turnkey project ensures a more efficient and controlled process, with a defined budget and delivery times from the outset. This modality is particularly attractive to those looking to minimise risks and simplify the management of their real estate investments.


Marketed turnkey projects for Build to Rent represent a complete option where the manager not only takes care of the construction and delivery of the property but also includes the management of rentals and occupancy. In this model, properties are delivered already rented, guaranteeing income. This approach allows investors to acquire properties that are already generating income, without needing to worry about finding tenants or initial rental management. These projects offer a secure and predictable investment in the competitive real estate market.


Building management for Build to Rent involves the complete and ongoing administration of properties specifically built for rental, ensuring they remain in optimal condition to attract and retain tenants. This type of management covers everything from daily maintenance and necessary repairs to lease management and addressing residents’ needs. By focusing on tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency, building management for Build to Rent ensures a high-quality living experience, which in turn supports the property’s stability and profitability. These projects can incorporate added-value services such as a gym with instructor-led classes, laundry and cleaning services, and other amenities that appeal to tenants, making these projects highly attractive and differentiated from traditional rentals.