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About us

Set up in 2004, Planificación Residencial y Gestión, S.A., (Prygesa), is a benchmark company in the field of real estate development due to its level of experience, professional approach, growth and reliability.

The company seeks to satisfy the need to manage the self-development of freehold and subsidised housing at strictly cost price, thus protecting interests and maximising returns for our clients.

To that end, we have a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team of professionals and a senior management team with over 20 years of experience, whose professional careers span more than 22,000 delivered homes.

We have delivered more than 1,000 homes at lower than quoted cost in recent years, which has enabled us to bring our projects to positive fruition even during the toughest moments of the economic crisis.

What we do

Our comprehensive real estate management model encompasses all stages of the process, from buying the land, through design, construction and marketing to rental, allocation or sale of the end product. We are particularly specialised in the management of real estate projects for third parties (housing cooperatives, outsourced developments, rental vehicle management, etc.), as well as asset management and land development.

Control, involvement, communication and transparency

These are the pillars underpinning the way we do business.

Streamlined cutting-edge service

Every professional working at Prygesa does so with a genuinely customer-focused approach, streamlining:
- To optimise the best economic results.
- Transparency for our clients.
- To position our Developments at the forefront of the sector.

Good management and professional approach

In economics, the only possible miracle is that which stems from hard work and good management. In real estate development, the miracles are management and opportunity. Good management, a professional approach and opportunity are what make miracles happen in the real estate sector.

Extensive property portfolio

The company currently has more than 500 properties under management and over 1,300 in its portfolio.

Reasons to trust in Prygesa

  • To position our Developments on the cutting-edge in the sector
  • Transparency for our clients
  • To optimise the best economic results

The central offices of Prygesa are located in Madrid, at 6-7 Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos. It has opened its first branches in Castile-Leon (40 Calle Miguel Delibes in Valladolid) and in Valencia (60 Calle Colón). It will soon open another branch in Malaga.

The senior management team has more than 20 years of experience and 22,000 properties delivered, achieving a positive outcome for all real estate projects even at the toughest moments of the economic crisis.

The most sophisticated management tools are used on all our projects, which saves time and money and offers transparency to our clients.

The reliability of Prygesa (resulting from caution and expertise) means the company can co-invest alongside our clients in real estate projects.

Services and Business areas

Business Development.

  • Advice on land selection and management.
  • Urban development studies and analysis.
  • Management of land development opportunities.
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies on various developments, markets and real estate products.
  • Product definition and design based on supply studies, demand studies, CRM, data and mega data.
  • Integration of multi-disciplinary teams for the final design, streamlining investment, design and quality.


Advice on Technical Team Selection.

  • Budgetary and technical control.
  • Preparation of tenders for public land.
  • Review of technical projects and works monitoring.
  • Application and processing of licences and relations with the various authorities.
  • Technical Due Diligence.
  • Supervision of technical works completion.
  • Advice on obtaining the necessary documentation for obtaining licences and certificates.


Mercantile and Business Management.

  • Comprehensive client management.
  • Processing of permits and authorisations.
  • Processing of subsidies, grants, provisional and definitive qualifications.
  • Investment and divestment projects.
  • Technical and administrative coordination.
  • Asset management and optimisation.
  • Leases and purchase options.
  • Official records and registers.
  • Advice for the governing body and general meetings of shareholders.


Administration and Control.

  • Online and in-person management of client relations.
  • Proactive relations with the management bodies of any vehicles created.
  • Document management.
  • Administrative asset management.
  • Dealings with external agents.
  • Advice on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, and the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Billing and payment management.



  • Preparation, control and oversight of the economic-financial action plan.
  • Cost control.
  • Financial management and processing of projects.
  • Tax consultancy and filing.
  • Permanent cost and investment trend auditing.
  • Management of accounts auditors and audits.
  • Accounting.



  • Comprehensive legal consultancy.
  • Mercantile drafting and documentation.
  • Incorporation of cooperatives, companies and investment vehicles.
  • Registry procedures.
  • Notary procedures.
  • Presentation of appeals and arguments.
  • Legal representation.
  • Drafting of the contracts needed for real estate development.
  • Advice to the management bodies.


Marketing and Sales.

  • Design and production of the corporate image.
  • Preparation of press releases and presence in debate and discussion forums.
  • Relational marketing.
  • Branding for third parties.
  • Multi-channel and multi-device communication.
  • Supply Studies.
  • Demand Studies.
  • Media Plan.
  • Sales Plan.
  • Plan execution.
  • Commercial projects.
  • Development marketing.
  • Oversight and control of pace and budget.
  • Commercial and product trend analysis.
  • Leading indicator tracking.
  • Commercial and Database CRM management.
  • Commercial auditing.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.