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Valdebebas Urban S. Coop. (Valdebebas, Madrid)

298.000€ + VAT

Sales Office

Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos, 6-7, 2ª Floor (28020-Madrid)

Sales office opening hours

Monday to Saturday (11:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:30) Sunday (11:00 to 14:00) (Wednesday closed)


From 65,66 m2
1 and 4 bedrooms
Terraces in
every home
Ground floor w/ private garden
Paddle tennis court
Children Playground
Swimming pool
Storage room
Community hall

Valdebebas Urban S Coop

Strict Prior Appointment with Priority List registration.
Last 2 bedrooms properties available!

An 96 home development offering 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms in a private residential equipped with a swimming pool, paddle tennis court, and playground, the only one of its kind in Valdebebas.

Situated on plot 156A one of the best locations in Valdebebas, both for its nearby facilities, its ease of access, and its communications. Placed nearby green areas, promenades, and boulevards, the location becomes a truly unbeatable place to start a new life, up to par with your expectations and needs.

We strive to be a highly efficient and sustainable project while delivering on comfortable and housewarming homes.


Some available apartments. Contact us for more options.

NºDormitoriosTipologíaPlanta (Portal)TOTAL
Superficie Útil Total
AnejosCoste Estimado
(IVA no incluido)
2DVT C16ºC (P5)66,64 M²(1T+2G)526.050€download
2DVT C16ºA (P2)66,64 M²(1T+2G)526.050€download
1DVT J5ºA (P5)43,59 M²(1T+1G)360.610€download
3DVT B17ºA (P3)84,79 M²(1T+2G)613.000€download
3DVT A15ºB (P4)144,11 M²(1T+2G)625.300€download
2DVT E5ºA (P6)128,03 M²(1T+2G)587.820€download
3DVT A23ºA (P3)148,99 M²(1T+2G)653.970€download
4DVT R2ºA (P4)181,78 M²(1T+2G)924.200€download
3DVT A6ºA (P4)144,23 M²(1T+2G)649.580€download
4DVT P8ºB (P3)229,06 M²(1T+2G)1.023.000€download
2DVT DDBAJO A (P6)167,95 M²(1T+2G)573.460€download
1DVT K6ºC (P2)75,55 M²(1T+1G)507.310€download
1DVT K5ºB (P5)109,82 M²(1T+2G)507.310€download
2DVT C25ºB (P5)109,82 M²(1T+2G)507.310€download
3DVT B7ºA (P4)139,25 M²(1T+2G)673.860€download
4DVT Q2ºA (P3)184,95 M²(1T+2G)929.200€download
4DVT S2ºB (P4)181,56 M²(1T+2G)923.680€download
4DVT O8ºB (P4)1248,34 M²(1T+2G)1.058.740€download

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