Freehold property in a Cooperative

Residencial Las terrazas de Paula López (Covaresa, Valladolid)

177.000 € + VAT

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Callejón de la Alcoholera, s/n. Valladolid.



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From 65 to 106 m²
From 2 to 4 bedrooms
Children Playground
Swimming Pool
Storage room

Freehold property in a Cooperative. (Plot P-7 on Calle Treviño – Covaresa, Valladolid).

  • Residential complex comprising 31 properties with swimming pool, gardens and children’s play area in a private common access area.
  • 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom properties with terraces.
  • 5-storey building. Lobby, first, second, third and loft.
  • One garage parking space and storeroom per property on the basement level.
  • Various terraces sizes based on the type of property.
  • Lofts with spacious independent terraces.
  • The cooperative wishes for its members to be able to customise the interior spaces at no additional cost: Choose the finish for the laminate flooring, interior joinery, kitchen and bathroom ceramics, bath or shower in the second bathroom.



Some available apartments. Contact us for more options.

BlockApartmentBedroomsSurfaceTerrace SurfaceTOTAL
Computable Surface
Estimated cost (VAT not included)Floor Plan
1-IZQÁTICO C268.433.45130.18215.000€T8-t1
1-DCHÁTICO C268.433.45130.18215.000€T8-t1
1-IZQÁTICO B265.2516.35107.67200.000€T7-t1
1-DCHÁTICO B265.2516.35107.73200.000€T7-t1
1-IZQÁTICO A269.4532.75131.56218.000€T6-t1
1-DCHÁTICO A269.4532.55131.79218.000€T6-t1
1-IZQ3º D269.68.45105.43198.000€T4-t1
1-IZQ3º C380.358.75120.62226.000€T3-t1
1-DCH3º C380.358.75120.62226.000€T3-t1
1-IZQ3º B379.8517.45129.35228.000€T2-t1 --
1-DCH3º B379.8522.95135229.000€T2-t2 --
1-IZQ3º A273.818.05121.68212.000€T5-t1
1-DCH3º A273.818121.64212.000€T5-t1
1-IZQ2º D269.610.25107.28187.000€T4-t2
1-DCH2º D269.610.25107.28187.000€T4-t2
1-IZQ2º C380.38.25119.97213.000€T3-t2
1-DCH2º C380.38.25119.97213.000€T3-t2
1-IZQ2º B379.858.25119.35212.000€T2-t3
1-DCH2º B379.858.25119.35212.000€T2-t3
1-IZQ1º D269.68.45105.43177.000€T4-t1
1-DCH1º D269.68.45105.43177.000€T4-t1
1-IZQ1º C380.38.75120.55202.000€T3-t1
1-DCH1º C380.38.75120.55202.000€T3-t1
1-IZQ1º B379.8517.45129.15204.000€T2-t1 --
1-IZQ1º A381.78.45122.16205.000€T1-t1
1-DCH1º A381,708,45122,16205.000€T1-t1


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