Las Rozas, El Cantizal

Las Rozas, El Cantizal (Madrid)

276.000€ + VAT

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From 58,80 to 105,97 m²
De 2, 3 y 4 bedroom
Padel Court
Children Playground
Swimming Pool
Storage room

Cooperative pending formation.


2-, 3- and 4-bedroom properties with terraces, lofts and ground floor properties with gardens.

The development comprises a private residential complex with swimming pool, a solarium, a children’s play area, a padel court and a multi-purpose space to be used as the future cooperative members decide. (Garage parking space and storeroom included in the cost).


The development is located in the El Cantizal area of Las Rozas in north-east Madrid, approximately 25 kilometres from the city centre.

Plot 38 B: The Zoco Shopping Centre, Avenida Atenas and El Cantizal school are all nearby. It stands on the junction of Calle Higuera and Calle Wisteria.


The area is highly consolidated in terms of services, with several schools and numerous shopping and leisure options all nearby that will allow you to benefit from living close to a developed area without sacrificing quality of life.

Several schools can be found only a few minutes away offering all levels of education, such as the El Cantizal School, the Mario Vargas Llosa School, the Logos Bilingual Nursery School and the UNED, among others.

The shopping offer includes Las Rozas Village, with more than 100 boutique stores offering all the main designer brands from around the world. Other large shopping centres include: The Style Outlets, Heron City, Europolis and BurgoCentro.

Las Rozas has always been closely tied to sport and this is reflected in the local sports facilities, such as the Municipal Sports Complex and the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The Monterrozas Health Clinic is also close by.

The development has excellent travel connections, with access to the M40, M50, the A6 and Carretera del Escorial. You can also benefit from public transport via the Las Rozas suburban railway station (Lines C-7 and C-10) or the intercity bus services (Lines C-7 and C-10).

Additional information

The project design is not yet complete and may be subject to changes.

Taking part in a cooperative project is a great way to get actively involved in designing your future home. Would you like to come home?


Anyone registered for our cooperative will be the first to receive more information as we get it.

Some available apartments. Contact us for more options.

V01 - P4 1BPrimera planta.
3 dorms.
81,89 m2120,11 m2350.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V01´ - P1 1ASegunda planta.
3 dorms.
82,14 m2120,11 m2343.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V03 - P4 1APrimera planta.
3 dorms.
82,71m2122,14 m2355.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V05 - P4 BAPlanta Baja.
3 dorms.
78,82 m2123,01 m2483.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V05 - P5 BBPlanta Baja.
3 dorms.
78,82 m2123,01 m2458.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V06 - P6 2BSegunda planta.
2 dorms.
66,53 m299,69 m2 323.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V07 - P6 BAPlanta Baja.
2 dorms.
66,53 m2111,89 m2491.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V10 - P6 BBPlanta Baja.
3 dorms.
77,59 m2120,57 m2450.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V11 - P6 1CPrimera planta.
3 dorms.
81,44 m2119,76 m2349.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V12 - P6 2CSegunda planta.
3 dorms.
77,59 m2117,05 m2360.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V15 - P2 BBPlanta Baja
2 dorms.
59,60 m297 m2377.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V18 - P3 1BPrimera planta.
4 dorms.
105,97 m2157,41 m2470.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V19 - P3 BAPlanta Baja.
4 dorms.
105,97 m2161,15 m2591.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V20 - P1 B1Primera planta.
3 dorms.
81,46 m2
123,93 m2418.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V22 - P1 BBPlanta Baja.
3 dorms.
77,28 m2149,84 m2669.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V24 - P5 BAPlanta Baja.
2 dorms.
68,85 m2103,39 m2402.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V25 - P3 2APrimera planta.
3 dorms.
82,06 m2124,84 m2351.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V26 - P5 AT. APlanta Ático.
3 dorms.
85,50 m2134,47 m2539.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V27 - P4 AT. APlanta Ático.
3 dorms.
85,50 m2145,70 m2655.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V28 - P6 AT. APlanta Ático.
3 dorms.
85,56 m2141,48 m2618.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V29 - P2 AT. APlanta Ático.
3 dorms.
87,40 m2144,36 m2573.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.
V30 - P2 BAPlanta Baja.
2 dorms.
58,80 m291,13 m2357.000 € + IVAdownloadDisponible.

(List of available properties updated on 08-08-20). THE COSTS SHOWN ARE ESTIMATES, NOT FINAL PRICES. The Financial Action Plan of the Cooperative, the housing programme, the approximate surface areas, the forecast cost estimates and the proposed payment plan are for information and guidance purposes only. This information is not legally binding and may be subject to changes owing to technical, legal or administrative reasons or decisions taken by the Cooperative.

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