Maritim Plaza

Maritim Plaza, Coop. V. (El Grao, Valencia)

193.000 € + VAT

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From 75 m2
From 1 to 2 bedrooms
Children Playground
Swimming Pool

MARITIM PLAZA (cooperative pending incorporation) develops.

Freehold property in a cooperative at the heart of the maritime district of El Grao at 7-9 Calle Ernesto Anastasio (VALENCIA) next to the Les Drassanes building, the El Grao Market and a short distance from the Las Arenas beach.

This magnificent residential complex comprises 18 1- and 2-bedroom properties with private access swimming pool. It includes a ground floor, first, second and third floors and loft floor with special independent terraces and garage included.

The cooperative wishes for its members to be able to customise the interior spaces of their properties, giving the option to choose between various high-quality finishes to combine a modern exterior with interior domotic technology for the comfort of excellent distribution.

Estimated delivery of keys:Q2 2020.

Types and distribution

1- and 2-bedroom properties, exterior-facing, with swimming pool and gardens. Magnificent distribution. All the properties look out on two sides of the building to give excellent ventilation, separate living rooms, as many wardrobes as possible and separate kitchens.

Some available apartments. Contact us for more options.

TipologyBedroomsFloor / StockBuilt Surface InteriorTOTAL
Computable Surface
Estimated cost (VAT not included)Floor Plan
VT A1 - P1 BA2Planta Baja88,08 m2103,56 m2208.000 € + IVAdownload
VT A2 - P2 BA2Planta Baja88,08 m2103,56 m2208.000 € + IVAdownload
VT B1 - P1 1A2Primera planta77,86 m291,32 m2196.000 € + IVAdownload
VT B2 - P1 1B2Primera planta76,30 m289,83 m2194.000 € + IVAdownload
VT B3 - P2 1A2Primera planta76,30 m289,66 m2193.000 € + IVAdownload
VT B4 - P2 1B2Primera planta77,86 m291,32 m2196.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C1 - P1 2A2Segunda planta. 77,86 m291,32 m2202.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C1 - P1 3A2Tercera planta. 77,86 m291,32 m2218.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C2 - P1 2B2Segunda planta. 76,30 m289,83 m2199.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C2 - P1 3B2Tercera planta. 76,30 m289,83 m2215.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C3 - P2 2A2Segunda planta. 76,30 m289,66 m2198.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C3 - P2 3A2Tercera planta. 76,30 m289,66 m2215.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C4 - P2 2B2Segunda planta. 77,86 m291,32 m2202.000 € + IVAdownload
VT C4 - P2 3B2Tercera planta. 77,86 m291,32 m2218.000 € + IVAdownload
VT D1 - P1 Ático A1Ático81,17 m295,42 m2259.000 € + IVAdownload
VT D2 - P1 Ático B1Ático79,96 m294,23 m2256.000 € + IVAdownload
VT D3 - P2 Ático A1Ático79,96 m294,04 m2256.000 € + IVAdownload
VT D4 - P2 Ático B1Ático81,17 m295,42 m2259.000 € + IVAdownload

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