La Vega Plaza, S. Coop.

La Vega Plaza, S. COOP. CyL. (La Vega - Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid)

133.000 € + VAT

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From 63 to 84 m²
From 3 to 4 bedrooms
Children Playground
Swimming Pool
Storage room

Residential complex comprising 50 2- and 3-bedroom properties with storeroom and garage parking space. Freehold property, in a cooperative.

Building and landscaping

Urbanisation with swimming pool, gardens and children’s play area.

The residential complex has 4 independent lobby entrances. It has 5 floors that, in ascending order, correspond to the Basement Level (garage), Ground Floor (with spacious terraces), First Floor, Second Floor and Loft Floor.

Types and distribution

Each type of property is distinguished by the layout, number of bedrooms, distribution, the number and size of the terraces and the orientation thereof. All of them look on to the public road and access to all floors by lift and stairway.

The common feature of all the properties is that they have 2 bathrooms. One of them will form part of the master bedroom as an en suite, while the other will be independent and accessible from the hallway. Each property has a parking space and storeroom allocated to it.

They have an outdoor space (either a terrace or a balcony), with the size depending on the property type. The complex will be accessible and comply or exceed all the legal building requirements in this regard to maintain excellent levels of quality.

The common areas, such as the garden, children’s play area and swimming pool, will only be accessible by the entrance lobbies, thus helping to maintain privacy and security for resident families.

Payment Method

  • DEPOSIT-1ST PAYMENT: These will be paid upon signing the Social Participation/Adhesion Contract with the Cooperative.
  • DEPOSIT-2ND PAYMENT: This will be paid one month before allocation of the plot to the Cooperative, once the Cooperative has the loan for the Developer.
  • INSTALMENTS: The rest up to 20% of the estimated cost of the property will be paid in 20 monthly instalments by means of direct debit/promissory notes after building work begins. The Extra Payment will be paid in June 2020.
  • FORECAST MORTGAGE:80% of the estimated cost of the property, upon delivery of the keys.

Some available apartments. Contact us for more options.

BedroomsTipologyFloor / StockTOTAL
Built Surface Interior
Built Surface Exterior
Estimated cost (VAT not included)Floor Plan
2B1Bajo / 1 Uds.64,14 m230,05 m2159.000 € + IVAdownload
2B3Bajo / 2 Uds.59,65 m238,57 m2159.000 € + IVAdownload
2B4Bajo / 1 Uds.64,95 m253,89 m2186.000 € + IVAdownload
2B6Bajo / 2 Uds.77,55 m227,89 m2179.000 € + IVAdownload
2B8Bajo / 2 Uds.68,58 m221,51 m2157.000 € + IVAdownload
2V3Planta 1ª y 2ª / 3 Uds.64,99 m25,15 m2133.000 € + IVAdownload
2BC1 Esc. 1Ático / 1 Uds.63,10 m235,73 m2178.000 € + IVAdownload
2BC1Esc. 2Ático / 1 Uds.63,10 m235,73 m2178.000 € + IVAdownload
2BC2Ático / 2 Uds.64,24 m215,13 m2178.000 € + IVAdownload
2BC3Ático / 4 Uds.70,76 m234,38 m2192.000 € + IVAdownload
3B2Bajo / 1 Uds.84,10 m233,60 m2196.000 € + IVAdownload
3B5Bajo / 1 Uds.83,69 m223,53 m2182.000 € + IVAdownload
3B7 Esc. 3 OesteBajo / 1 Uds.79,62 m233,52 m2187.000 € + IVAdownload
3B7 Esc. 3 EsteBajo / 1 Uds.49,57 m249,57 m2204.000 € + IVAdownload
3B7 Esc. 4 OesteBajo / 1 Uds.49,57 m249,57 m2204.000 € + IVAdownload
3B7 Esc. 4 EsteBajo / 1 Uds.79,62 m249,57 m2228.000 € + IVAdownload
3V1Planta 1ª y 2ª / 2 Uds.82,37 m21,65 m2151.000 € + IVAdownload
3V2Planta 1ª y 2ª / 2 Uds.84,09 m21,62 m2168.000 € + IVAdownload
3V4Planta 1ª y 2ª / 2 Uds.83,48 m21,83 m2154.000 € + IVAdownload
3V5Planta 1ª y 2ª / 2 Uds.83,41 m21,83 m2154.000 € + IVAdownload
3V6Planta 1ª y 2ª / 8 Uds.83,59 m22,34 m2157.000 € + IVAdownload
3V7Planta 1ª y 2ª / 8 Uds.83,89 m27,00 m2166.000 € + IVAdownload

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